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Airport Limo Service Long Island

At Roslyn Limousine, we offer you incredibly stylish, comfortable and dependable airport Limo service in Long Island and the tristate area including JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark International. We make absolutely certain to deliver you safely and professionally to your door.
From the very moment you start your journey with us we assure you that you will reach your destination in a pleasant and timely fashion. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with a friendly chauffeured service. Our chauffeur regularly check for changes in flight times which might cause delays, day and night.
Select from our fleet of quality cars, limos, party vans, and black cars all at the best and most affordable prices.

Why You Should Choose Roslyn Limousine?
We have swift and Dependable door to door transportation service from the airport to your home or place of stay.
No hauling of luggage across carparks or slippery pathways.
Friendly and conversant staff who would advise greatly on your holidays.
Exclusive transfers and private car service with no waiting times.
Extremely comfortable with soft plush seating and luxury vehicles with the highest safety ratings.
We are open every day, 24 hours and accommodate guests from around the globe.
We employ real-time GPS technology for flight monitoring and reach the place on time.
Reliable communication between dispatch & chauffeurs for secure airport transfers.

Easy Transfers Every Time
When you book an Airport Limo service Long island with Roslyn Limousine, we make absolutely certain that you are never left to wait with your luggage in hand. In fact, our professionals customer service reps will take all the details before-hand and prepare for your exclusive transfer.
Once you select your car from our exclusive fleet, you’ll be allocated a reservation number (this you can use in case you want to change your booking) and our staff will accommodate your requests. No matter the date and time you are flying, we operate internationally and hence are available for contact 24/7. We will also call you 24 hours prior to confirm your pick up time.
We do a strong focus on customer care, and our drivers are well trained, immensely respectful and prepared to consider your requests. You can also contact us for group transfers. We have large vehicles suitable for large group.

Meet & Greet Program
Our long island airport Limo service offers a unique meet and greet program. Chauffeurs will meet you at the arrival area of the airport and you will easily recognize our chauffeurs as they will bear a signboard with your name or your company name.
If your flight is delayed our professional drivers will wait for you and be in contact once you have landed.
If you face any trouble finding our chauffeurs or you are facing delays at the airport, no need to worry! Just give us a call at (866) 513 3228 and our professionals will locate you in no time. Also, our fleet is easy to spot thanks to our trademark blue flags and company logo.
We will also place your name on the passenger side window for easy recognition. Our trained drivers will handle your luggage at curbside and at your final drop-off.