2015 Ford Mustang

More motion for the new Ford Mustang give moved back columns and the expanded measurements, as the curiosity has turned into a touch bring down (1363 mm), however in the meantime, the more extensive (1915 mm)than its antecedent. The length has not changed much (4783 mm), while the wheel base continued as before (2720 mm). The 6th era of Ford Mustang will be delivered in two body choices: a two-entryway fastback roadster and two-entryway convertible. The last got the ultra-cutting edge multi-layer fabric rooftop, opening/shutting time of which was decreased considerably, i.e. to 7 seconds.

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In the engine of the standard Ford Mustang 2015 can be introduced one of three unique motors: a 3.7-liter V6, 2.3-liter V4 turbocharged EcoBoost and new 5.0-liter V8 from the magnificent Mustang GT. Arranged V8 motor from 2.3 liter to 5.0 liter. V6 motor EcoBoot is additionally wanted to utilize, basically for the United States market. The driving rigging like all models of Ford will be raise, both sorts of transmission are arranged – manual and programmed (overhauled – another improvement).

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