Charges for Garden city Limo service

Limo Service in Garden City NY

Booking a Limo Service in Garden City, NY, is not as costly as people think. Our hourly rates incorporate both the vehicle and the escort, leaving the main extra expenses as assessment, tips, tools, and ostensible additional charges. Actually, when contrasted with individual rental autos, Limo Services in Garden City, NY, or different methods for moving huge quantities of individuals around, numerous wedding parties find that limousine administration pays genuine profits in time, cash, and absence of anxiety.



If you don’t mind, take note that our smaller vehicles have a minimum of three hours, while those that hold 24 or more individuals have a minimum of four hours. This includes the time it takes for your escort to get to and from our base in Port Chester. Your rate incorporates 15 minutes of free hold-up time while everybody motivates and prepares to clear out.

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