Cool Citroen DS9 Limousine

As already reported, Citroen is going to challenge the main German automakers in the business sector premium vehicles, and the initial phase in this bearing will be the model of DS9.

Citroen DS9 limousine

To begin fabricating the new model, PSA/Peugeot-Citroen has collaborated with Chinese firm Changan Automobile Group. Points of interest of the assention were not uncovered, there is no data about the arranged discharge date of the auto, yet the organization says that it will be a genuine contender to the Audi A8 and BMW 750Li.

Extent of future models ought to be comparable in idea to Metropolis, 5300 mm (length) and 2 000 mm (width). The stage will be acquired from the Citroen C6 and Peugeot 407, yet supplemented by a few components, as with the Audi A8.

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2012 Citroen DS9 limo

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At one time, the idea of Metropolis was furnished with a 2.0-liter V-6, increased by an electric engine and associated with a seven-pace double grip gearbox. However, now the organization says that the undoubtedly half breed innovation will be supplanted by a conventional inner ignition motors.