Long Island Limousine Accident Exposes Dangerous Flaws in Party Vehicle Safety

Leticia, wearing a night outfit, postures inside a gathering limousine amid her fifteenth birthday, in Monterrey, Mexico, on March 14, 2015. An escape clause in U.S. auto security guidelines permits certain limousines and amusement transports to forego safety belts and side drape airbags that ensure tenants in impacts like the particular case that killed four Long Island ladies on Sunday.

To get a thought of how hazardous limousines are, simply picture the moment a Dodge pickup truck furrowed into the side of the extended Lincoln Town Car procured by eight ladies on Long Island, New York, last Sunday. As the front of the truck broadsided the limo, the travelers sitting on a love seat along the left half of the vehicle were flung over the lodge into folding steel and shattering glass.

Three of the ladies, who had been praising a forthcoming wedding, were executed in a split second and another kicked the bucket later at the healing center. Six other individuals, including both drivers, endured wounds.

The seriousness of the July 18 mishap highlights an administrative hazy area in auto security. What may have spared the lives of Lauren Baruch, 24, Stephanie Belli, 23, Amy Grabina, 23, and Brittany Schulman, 23, is something that has spared a great many lives throughout the years: decides that require most autos, trucks and SUVs in the U.S. to have lap and middle safety belts and head-ensuring side-blind airbags.

In any case, in an odd idiosyncrasy of U.S. car security tenets, gathering limos and transports are excluded from some inhabitant assurance rules on the off chance that they have less than eight forward-confronting seats.

This is an issue with these gathering limousines,” said Byron Bloch, an auto security master with four many years of experience investigating mischance vehicles and affirming in fender bender cases. “In the event that these were standard autos or SUVs you wouldn’t have the capacity to legitimately offer the vehicles in the U.S.”

In 2013, producers of alleged engine mentors – limousines, stimulation transports and transport vans – persuaded the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to absolved vehicles with “border seating” – seats that point internal – or with less than eight forward-confronting seats from new guidelines went for reinforcing “business transport security.”

The exception is gone for permitting producers of air terminal transports and different transports that convey various wheelchair positions to forego certain normal wellbeing elements. In any case, subsequently, limousine creators – which buy vehicles like Lincolns, cut them down the middle, extend them, and change the insides to suit a more extravagant and open climate – can maintain a strategic distance from the expense of including additional seat straps and air sacks to the vehicles. Bigger gathering transports, basically moving dance club, are likewise absolved under the rules.


volvo airbags This is a picture of the Volvo XC90’s air sack areas. Side blind airbags are situated along the top rail on both sides of this and different vehicles, intended to turn away head wounds in side impacts. Volvo Car Corporation

On account of the length of the stretch limos, about one in four mischances including them are side impacts, as per Lancer Insurance, a main limo guarantor. This makes the absence of side drapery air sacks and safety belts more troubling.

States could actualize their own principles obliging that gathering limos and transports have safety belts for each seating position, yet so far this government tenant security exception is in actuality across the country.

‘It’s A Contradiction’

Limo wellbeing specialists say the exception is crazy.

“These limos are moving bars and rec rooms,” said Bloch. “Individuals are urged to stand up, blend and blend. Their advertising charm is ‘proceed with your gathering in our limo.’ Even if there are safety belts for everybody, promoters of these gathering transport and limo administrations are stating it’s more secure than driving intoxicated. But at the same time they’re urging you to get up and move around in the lodge. It’s a disagreement.”

Long, substantial and bulky to move, a stretch gathering limo is last kind of auto you need to be in amid a mishap – you could end up with your head in a TV set secured with broken champagne woodwinds. A year ago, the British auto program “Fifth Gear” demonstrated the remaining parts of three accident test shams after a front-end crash and it wasn’t beautiful.

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Clarence Ditlow, leader of the Center for Auto Safety, a Washington, D.C.- based philanthropic, says for quite a long time his gathering has attempted to ring alerts over limousine security. In 2013, five medical attendants in California blazed to death in a limousine fire in light of the fact that they were caught inside, not able to achieve the entryways at the back-end of the vehicle with just an opening in the segment that isolates the driver from the gathering.

Ditlow says government controllers aren’t doing what’s necessary to find out the general wellbeing of limousines.

“It’s been our since a long time ago expressed position that the National Transportation Safety Board has been completely neglectful in following limousine mischances,” said Ditlow. “There’s an entire issue about what security norms ought to apply to these vehicles.”

The National Limousine Association exchange gathering declined to remark on Sunday’s mishap or what its position is on the safety belt and air pack exception, however issued the accompanying explanation: “The National Limousine Association has since quite a while ago prided itself on having the most elevated models of wellbeing, proficient preparing and an unparalleled responsibility to deal with our clients”